IaaS - Infrastructure as a Service


Webhosting is one of the most commonly provided services. Webhosting is the provision of certain highly available and reliable storage space for a particular service, most often a web application. The application is generally as fast and available as its storage space. Thus, it is immensely important to consider the computing resources of a storage space to ensure the application is as fast and reliable as possible.

Rental of servers

A server is the most frequent type of high-performance and available storage space. A great choice for the placement of an application or service is a physical server, the entire performance of which is dedicated to a single customer. On the other hand, multiple virtual servers can be placed on a physical server, sharing the physical server’s performance. A virtual server is a good choice for less demanding services, while more powerful physical servers are suitable for a more demanding service.

MaaS – Monitoring as a service

Monitoring is an appropriate additional service for monitoring system status. This additional service continuously monitors the service's operation and notifies responsible administrators in case of problems.

BaaS – Backup as a service

For more demanding services and applications it is more advisable to use several additional services. The additional backup service can be used in case of undesirable loss of data. The application is regularly (usually daily) backed up to an external storage space, which allows the application to be restored from backup in case of a loss of data.


DNS is an essential part of services provided on the Internet. This service, without which the Internet would be virtually inoperable, transforms network addresses into domain names. Thanks to this the application is accessible on the Internet also on an easily memorable domain.

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