Design and Implementation of Systems

Operation of web applications

The inherent feature of web applications should be their high availability and reliability. In order to achieve this goal it is very important to precisely design and implement the infrastructure that will serve as a storage space for the web application. The infrastructure must be resistant to potential outages of the application and to other undesirable situations. A suitable solution is a so-called server farm that is sufficiently redundant and scalable to ensure uninterrupted operation of the web application in case of a failure of one of the infrastructure components.

Intra-company communication

Providing quality infrastructure for intra-company communication is essential for a successful business. At the same time, local storage of messages is a suitable solution in terms of security. Since communication within a company is often confidential and should not leave the company itself, it is appropriate to create a service that allows employees to communicate in an encrypted and secure way. Solutions such as Zimbra or intracompany chat with encrypted communication can fulfil this purpose.

Company application servers

It enables company software to be concentrated in one place and provides employees with access to it. We will assist you with applications necessary for remote desktop, home office or central data storage space, e.g. through Synology, as well as backing up company data.

Network environments

We provide comprehensive network solutions which can form the basis for a server farm. We will take care of your routers, switches, LTE networks, etc. All of this while maintaining network security.

Platform engineering

For large systems, we can help you connect individual system components to form a single functional unit.

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