Administration of servers and supervision (SLA)

Service-level agreement (SLA)

An SLA or agreement on the level of services provided is an agreement between the service provider and the end customer, which defines the level or quality of a service expected from its provider. It defines what a customer receives within the service provided. The SLA defines a service specification and availability, as well as obligations and responsibilities of both the provider and the customer.


Ensuring uninterrupted availability of provided services and systems is our priority. An essential part of highly available services is their thorough monitoring. Monitoring is an automated, systematic and, in particular, a continuous 24/7 process of controlling service availability. In case of outage, the administrators are immediately notified by a monitoring system and are ready to solve the problem. A well-adjusted monitoring helps some issues be detected even before they occur (lack of disk space, etc.)

Analysis of logs and monitored parameters

A good rule is to have as much information as possible about the service provided. Therefore, it is useful to record information produced by an application or a service to files or logs. Subsequent analysis of these logs can significantly contribute to shortening possible outages and creating a comprehensive system overview, which can ultimately help to identify the root cause of problems.

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