Information security and cybersecurity


  • Readiness assessment for cybersecurity audit using gap analysis approach focused on processes, systems and documentation requirements of current legislature
  • Company auditing according to cybersecurity law conducted by certified auditor
  • Providing services of external/outsourced Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) to assure security of organization’s information assets

Preparation for certification in the area of information security (ISO 27001)

  • Assessment of organization readiness for adoption ISO norm requirements
  • Support in implementation of measures (processes, systems/infrastructure, documentation) in order to comply with ISO requirements
  • Company ISO audit via independent certified auditor

Data security and protection (GDPR)

  • Complex analysis of processes, systems and existing documentation according to GDPR requirements and compliance assessment (GAP analysis)
  • Design and implementation of GDPR measures (i.e. changes in processes a systems configuration, update of documentation)
  • Delivery of Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) e.g. in case of deployment of innovative technologies for personal data processing