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How we measure customer satisfaction with customer support: OpenReply

 Amazing customer support is one of our top priorities. Even though you can find pretty good solution for collecting and evaluating feedback about customer support agents, most of them are provided as a service or are not open-source. We decided to fill this market gap with our partner Essential Data. We released our solution as OpenReply.


Citadelo - our new brand for security services

  DIGMIA has decided to separate its team dedicated to ethical hacking, penetration testing and security to form a new brand called Citadelo.


OHM2013: Hackers are camping

The evocative video made by conference organizer tried to convince the audience that the hacker campgrounds are a Dutch tradition - as well as tulips, windmills, Gouda cheese and wooden shoes. Since 1989, every four years hackers gather in a traditional Dutch style campsite. Imagine a large music festival, substitute concerts with tech lectures and replace a variety of food stalls with tents of various hackerspaces, makerspaces and projects. At night, the camp turns into a twinkling city in which hackers want to prove that the image of the hacker as an intellectual loner is pure cliché.


Using Zabbix API for webcheck provisioning

We use Zabbix for monitoring. If you want to create a lot of items programmatically, it is a good idea to make use of Zabbix API.


Report from 29C3: Not my department hacker conference

 This is a short report from our visit to 29th Chaos Communication Congress - probably the best european hacker conference.


Impressions from Bitcoin Conference, London 2012

Bitcoin conference was an amazing experience for DIGMIA and myself. I wanted to share some thoughts of why I think this event was important and what I learned.



DIGMIA sponsoring Bitcoin conference in London

DIGMIA is proud to sponsor this year's Bitcoin conference in London.

What do we have to do with Bitcoin?

We are a company that provides penetration testing and other security services for companies in financial sector and e-commerce. And we understand and love Bitcoin - technologically and philosophically.


Running Lean workshop

I attended a Running Lean workshop by Ash Maurya. It is closely tied with his book Running Lean which all attendees got for free during the workshop (I already owned it before). You can read the book review here. There's also another interesting blogpost about the same workshop here.


Getting back to static web

When the World Wide Web first became available, it mainly consisted of  HTML pages and images residing on disk. Later, common gateway interface became available for more dynamic content. Static HTML pages still prevailed. Design was usually contained in each page. Design changes were difficult.


Web and collaboration with Liferay

Building of web sites is not our primary business. But every IT company has to have a web. It has been a long way for us and I wanted to share some thoughts about technology, that can be used.


Digmia in a new office


We have moved to the new office building. This allows us to grow further and to build an in-house datacenter for our customers. The datacenter is connected to two different upstream ISPs via redundant fiber connections.